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Customized Software Packages

Many of our customers build their business around custom processes, generally executed manually or through use of software that does not quite do exactly what they do. To alleviate the pain these company’s face, custom technology can be implemented to provide relief and increased efficiency. Custom software’s purpose is to harness technology to support existing processes while taking advantage of the capabilities technology can provide.
Has your company developed to the point where the manual execution of your business processes has become too overwhelming and has begun to impede on your ability to grow?

Do you think technology can be used to solve some of your business problems?

Here are some of the problems we hear most from our clients:

  • I have a business problem that needs to be solved.
  • I can’t find software that does exactly what I need.
  • I have an idea I think software can solve.
We provide the convinent solution for this problem, we have readymade customize softwares which are prepare for permanent business solutions for you. We provide all these below services in FREE TRIAL also.

Desktop based Apps 
125.00 $

When your company has identified a problem in a business process or has an idea for a new technology solution, Spicywebtech’s experts can take your concept and make it a reality. When it comes to custom business applications, we take pride in our work as it is the core of what we do. From the moment an idea is brought to us, we work with our clients to provide a detailed proposal ensuring we are the right match for the client’s identified needs. Following the proposal, Spicywebtech utilizes a wire framing tool to build screen shots based on the identified requirements in the proposal as well as discussions with key stakeholders. The wire frames show a screen by screen layout of exactly what you will be receiving when the project is completed. On this basis, We have developed some desktop apps which are mostly used in Business World

The products include:

  • Hospital Manangement Software (.Net Technology & Back-End MS SQL/MS Acess database)

  • Restaurant Booking Manangement Software (.Net Technology & Back-End MS SQL/MS Acess database)

  • All Business Solutions Software (.Net Technology & Back-End MS SQL/MS Acess database)
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Security System based Apps 
250.00 $

We know how frustrating it can be when systems don’t “talk” to each other and how expensive it can be to implement costly software replacements. That is why we work with our clients to leverage their current technology investments and bridge them together for greater efficiency and accuracy. Spicywebtech can provide seamless integration with any system to meet and exceed your technology goals. For this, We are developed own system security softwares in market

The products include:

  • Arjunaa E-Mail Scanner

  • Arjunaa Thermameter

  • Arjunaa Internet Security

  • Arjunaa Firewall System

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